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The first ever Ozonated Goat Milk Soap. Enjoy the nourishing benefits of goat milk and the odor fighting benefits of ozone together. 

Our propriety blend of goat milk, ozonated oil, and charcoal help to hydrate, protect, and rid your skin of impurities. 

Limited stock, get it while supplies last.


Like ozone and the soothing benefits of goat milk soap? We've made the first ever, ozonated goat milk soap! Enjoy the anti-bacterial and odor fighting benefits of ozone while nourishing your skin with raw goat milk from the goats on our organic farm. 


This bar is ideal for those who:

  • Need to combat body odor
  • Struggle with acne prone skin
  • Want cleanse skin without stripping the body of it's natural oils
  • Struggle with fungal issues
  • Love the smell of ozone!


*Please note* 

  • This bar may have slight imperfections due to the nature of ozonated oils. Adding ozone during the soap making process changes the texture of the soap slightly. Small dents and/or small holes are normal for this type of soap. It does not affect the effectiveness of our soap.
  • Ozone does have a very distinct smell that most of our customers love! If you are sensitive to smells, this should be something to consider.


Organic ozonated olive oil, organic castor oil, organic coconut oil, shea butter, activated charcoal, kaolin clay

Customer Reviews

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Christina Krull
So Good

This soap is everything my family needs for sensitive skin! It’s soothing and non-irritating, has no fragrance but just a hint of clean smell, and fights body odor. The combination is just what we need. We found it’s a great complement to the ozonated deodorant!!! If it comes back in stock I’ll be getting multiples.