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Natural Ozonated Deodorant, the search for non-toxic deodorant is over!

Looking for a safe & effective natural deodorant that actually keeps the stink away? 

Look no further! Our Ozonated Deodorant provides all day protection while fighting off odor causing bacteria thanks to activated oxygen AKA ozonated oil & magnesium. 

Ozonated Deodorant is good for:

  • Decreasing body odor thanks to ozonated olive oil & magnesium 
  • Promoting a gentle armpit detox
  • May decrease puffy armpits
  • All day protection 
  • Sensitive skin

This formula is baking soda free and essential oil free. It has a fresh & clean smell due to the ozonated oil. 


Armpits looking a little puffy? This deodorant can help rid your lymphatic system of harmful toxins and help fight bacteria that can lead to body odor. Our lymphatic system is bombarded with toxins every single day, leading to inflammation. 


Let's detox your armpits and help keep your lymphatic system happy and healthy!  Ozone as the key ingredient is the purest form of oxygen and is known to kill bacteria, virus, fungus, odor, and can help detox the body of pathogens. 

A little goes a long way, only a swipe or two is all it takes!


Please note: If you are new to ozone, it does have a unique smell. Some describe it as pure, clean, and fresh. Our deodorants also contain other ingredients so that the smell of ozone isn't too strong. Ozone does have a very distinct smell that most of our customers love! If you are sensitive to smells, this should be something to consider.


This may help detox your armpits. You may notice more sweating in that area for several days. That is the purging process as your body detoxes from harmful pathogens. You'll notice the more you use it, the less body odor you will have. 


Our deodorant is hand made in small batches, minor variations may occur. 


Organic coconut oil, organic ozonated olive oil, shea butter, beeswax, magnesium hydroxide, organic arrowroot powder


How To Use

  • Best applied after bathing, two or three swipes is all that's need. A little goes a long way with our Ozonated Deodorant. 
  • Apply as needed throughout the day. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jessica Wheeler

This is the best deodorant I have ever used. I suffered for over a year off trying to go natural and nothing worked until I found this one. The ozonanted oil is a game changer.

Fav deodorant finally!

I wasn’t sure I would like this then I got it and it smells amazing like fresh rain ozone, it goes on well, i was worried it would stain my clothes- it doesn’t! And it is sooo healthy for my lymphatic system I feel like I’m doing myself a favor every time I put it on and overtime will bring more healing to my body, thank you for making this product! It’s perfect!

Finally a natural deodorant that works!

I have been on a hunt for a good natural deodorant and this one takes the cake! I love how smooth it goes on and that it lasts and doesn't stain.

Santi Sarrica
Best deodorant in the world

I’ve been using several “natural” brand but nothing was working for me, finally I found out about this amazing product and it is just what I needed.
It’s gentle on your skin, doesn’t leave stains and it last all day long.
I just love it plus the family behind this company it’s the kindest in the world. Try it you won’t regret it!

Better than any other!

A friend recommended this deodorant and I was so excited to try it. I have used ozonated oil as deodorant in the last and it worked for a few hours, but this deodorant lasts all day and into the evening. I have even noticed mess underarm odor overall. It goes on smoothly, and doesn’t cause any irritation! I don’t smell any of the essential oils, which is my only disappointment. I will absolutely purchase again! Really pleased with the product. Thank you for your commitment to clean and effective products.