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Revitalize & restore your hair and scalp with our NEW Ozonated Hair & Scalp oil. Dry, dull hair and itchy scalp will be a thing of the past. Our blend of organic castor oil and herbal infused rosemary, chickweed, & plantain will deeply hydrate and promote natural hair growth. Say goodbye to dryness and hello to soft, luscious locks!

Ozonated oil gives this incredible formula antibacterial & anti fungal benefits. Ozonated jojoba, known for its hydrating & rejuvenating properties, will give your hair & scalp the deep hydration it needs to thrive. 

Our herbal infused blend of rosemary, chickweed, & plantain will help strengthen, grow, & calm dry hair or scalp. 

Don't go another day with an itchy dry scalp or dry damaged hair, Ozonated Hair & Scalp Oil to the rescue 



Needing to stop the itch on your scalp or promote hair growth naturally? Our hair and scalp oil does just that! Key ingredients such as: Organic Ozonated Jojoba, organic castor oil, organic rosemary, plantain, & chickweed infused in organic aragon oil, and olive oil all promote nourishment for the hair and scalp.


Plantain & chickweed are great for eczema, psoriasis, and itchiness. These two herbs are a powerhouse when it comes to calming down an itchy scalp

Organic Rosemary & Castor oil promote hair growth naturally.


Please note: natural sediment may occur. This is due to the nature of herbal infused oils. 

How To Use

Apply a few drops to each area needing hair growth or where irritation is prevalent. Massage the area using a scalp massager or hands for 1-2 minutes. Let it sit for 30 minutes to an hour before washing with your favorite shampoo. You can sleep with the oil in your hair and wash off in the morning for even better results

For scalp treatment: Apply a few drops around each section of your head, massage scalp lightly with scalp massager or hands, then brush with a comb to get the oil through your hair & scalp. Wrap a damp hot towel around your head and let it set until towel cools down. Wash hair with your favorite shampoo. 


 Organic ozonated jojoba oil, organic olive oil, argan oil, organic castor oil, Infused herbs: plantain, chickweed, & rosemary, lavender & tea tree essential oil 


Customer Reviews

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Vicky M.
AMAZING product

This hair oil is phenomenal! As a former career hairstylist of 13 years, I know a good hair product. This really impressed me. I've used it in different ways: as a hair/scalp treatment (hello, postpartum hair woes!), as a leave in, to blow dry my hair with, as a finishing product. It truly is versatile, and leaves my hair feeling soft and not weighed down at all. It has a very faint, natural and pleasant smell. Nothing overwhelming. I use just about 3 drops of oil for my hair and that works great for me. RUN, don't walk, to buy this magic hair oil!

Linda Moreno
Soft hair

Absolutely recommend this product! Leaves my hair smelling so nice and earthy. It leaves it soft and smooth! It’s also a great detangler!! Buy it you won’t regret it shes also incredibly nice!!


Every product they make is excellent, effective and fairly priced. I’m a customer for life.