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A Simple Beginning...

Emily and her husband always had the desire to make handcrafted products. When they moved to the country and started a small homestead, the love for organic farming kept increasing. The blog started and the dreams of making products finally came to life.

The Blog

Why We Do What We Do....

Having personally struggled with sensitive skin as a child, our founder Emily understands the challenges faced by those seeking effective skincare solutions. Her relentless pursuit for nourishing and soothing products led her to combine nourishing ingredients with the power of ozone . Through this technique, Emily & her husband have developed a range of products that have already transformed Emily's skin as well as the lives of countless individuals. We are thrilled to bring these remarkable skincare solutions to you!.

The Story Behind Faithful Family Farmer

The city life was what Emily was used to, but her husband had different plans. They had children and a strong desire to farm...well not Emily. The Lord worked on her heart and she knew it was His will for them to move. With a fixer upper in the country, Emily stepped out of her comfort zone and put her trust in the Lord's plan. Fast forward a few months in, she told her husband, "Let's get a goat." Farming quickly became their life and the desire to help others live a healthier lifestyle grew bigger. Faithful Family Farmer was born & the rest is history.

Ozonated Hair & Scalp Oil
Ozonated Beard Oil
Ozonated Cleansing Oil